QuadRep Technologies markets a diversity of Electronic Components and System
Solutions that involve our sales organization in all of the key high technology market
segments in Southern California. The southern California market place stretches from
San Luis Obispo  (on the north) to Baja California (on the south) and offers a very
diverse market place. All of the key high tech market segments exist in Southern

Our sales organization is dedicated to professional technical sales. The members of our
team are technically competent, business savvy individuals who believe in dedication to
their customers and principals. Our people are all very experienced individuals with
multiple years selling high tech products in their perspective market place.

QuadRep Technologies has made smart investments in IT infrastructure. Our CRM
system is Empowering Systems, which provides real time data on all of our customer
opportunities, purchase orders, samples, design wins, quotes, correspondence and
customer contacts. Empowering Systems makes it very easy for the QuadRep
Technologies sales team to provide our principal’s monthly reports and real time data.

In today’s ever changing global market place, the primary focus for our sales team is
design wins. QuadRep Technologies has implemented an aggressive design win
methodology that has significantly grown our proprietary business content. With our
CRM system every design win is tracked from cradle to grave.

QuadRep Technologies on it’s own is a Southern California Company, however, we have
affiliations with the below foreign QuadRep Companies:
QuadRep Mexico
QuadRep De Mexico
phone:  5255 5564 6216
QuadRep Singapore
phone:  65 63461933
QuadRep Malaysia
Penang Office
Kuala Lumpur Office
phone:  604 6581771
phone:  603 71183138
QuadRep China
Beijing Office
Shanghai Office
Shenzhen Office
phone:  10-6211-5141
phone:  86-21-6317-5445
phone:  86-755-2588-0414
QuadRep Taiwan
Taipei Office
Hsinchu Office
phone:  886-2-26989933
phone:  886-3-573-7853